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"Do you know what it was like for me when you were growing up? While you were idolizing your dad? I was the one making your dinner. While you were watching him terrorize the city on TV, I was the one driving you to school. I was the one making sure you got your homework done. I was the one packing the lunches in the morning. I was there for you."
—Zoey Clark to her son, Axel Walker[src]

Zoey Clark, nicknamed Prank, is the former owner of Clarx Toys and a member of the Trickster family. She is the ex-girlfriend and former partner-in-crime of James Jesse and the mother of Axel Walker.


Early life

Zoey was the daughter of Bob Clark. At one point, her father died and she inherited the Clarx Toys empire. Zoey took a degree in arts and applied sciences and a master's degree in chemistry. At a certain point, however, the Clarx Toys failed.[1]


Prank and Trickster in newspapers.

Zoey met and fell in love with James Jesse/Trickster, and became his accomplice in his criminal activities under the name of "Prank". The two were responsible for a series of terrorist attacks in Central City, and for the destruction of the Gazooka Bubble-Gum Company. At one point, Jesse got Zoey pregnant. After Jesse's arrest, she stopped being Prank and took to the bush to take care of her son, Axel Walker.[1]

Later life

Zoey began taking pills to suppress the psychopath inside her. Over time, she began to feel grudge against Jesse who had never given up on his criminal life, and it was very hard for her to see Axel idolize his father as he grew up. Not wanting Axel to follow in Jesse's footsteps, she never told him he was his father, but Jesse started sending letters to Axel from the prison, and because of this years later, Axel would become the second Trickster.[1]

The return of Prank

"Behind every great trick, there's an even better prank! Ha ha!"
—Zoey reclaiming her criminal identity

Zoey made Axel escape from Iron Heights, but she could not convince him to leave the criminal life, so she stopped taking the pills and took back Prank's identity. However, mother and son were defeated by Elongated Man and sent to prison.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect: Despite her unbalanced nature, Zoey is very intelligent, having managed to graduate in arts and applied sciences and to take a master's degree in chemistry. She is remarkably intelligent having managed to get Axel to escape easily, and to hide from the police for decades.[1]


The Flash

Season 4

The Chronicles of Cisco


CCPD's info sheet on Zoey Clark.

  • The CCPD info sheet on Zoey Clark mentions her education, with bachelor's degree of Arts and Applied Science and a Masters in Chemistry.
  • The info sheet lists 3 arrest records.
  • The info sheet shows that Zoey owns a driver's license.
  • Given the similarities between The Trickster of Earth-1 and The Joker of DC Comics, Prank of Earth-1 has similarities to Harley Quinn, Joker's girlfriend in the comics.

Behind the scenes

  • Zoey Clark/Prank first appeared in the 1990s live-action television series The Flash, which greatly inspired 2014's The Flash. Zoey was depicted as a psychotic fangirl of Jesse James/The Trickster who took up the Prank mantle and desperately tried to become his lover and sidekick. At one point she ironically claimed to be carrying his child.
    • Zoey was also played by Corinne Bohrer in The Flash, making her one of the actors who appeared in both of The Flash series, and one of the even fewer actors that reprise their character from the old show. Images of Clark and Jesse that appear as archive footage from newspaper clippings and CCPD files are actually screenshots from The Flash.