Zombies are a type of creature created either through the reanimation of human corpses or degradation of a human through infection. There are several different types of zombies which vary in their creation and their abilities.


Zombies is a term used to refer to any creature who appear to be in a decayed state, either through the reanimation of deceased corpse or infection from a substance that degrades their physiology. These methods of zombification include; lightning strikes, Time Wraiths, the TX-90 virus, Ramsey Rosso's infected blood, and Magic.

Zombies are very popular in pop-culture, with them being featured on shows such as The Walking Dead, with Cisco Ramon being mentioned to be a fan of this show.[1]

Known types of zombies

Lightning strike reanimated zombies

"A zombie?...For real?"
—Cisco upon seeing Woodard[src]

This type of zombie is raised through a lightning strike reanimating their corpse. The only known zombie revived this way is Tony Woodward.[2]

Tony Woodward dies for the second time

Tony reanimated as a zombie

In 2015, after Team Flash's attempt to have Barry regain his powers in a recreated particle accelerator explosion, the energy wave it released somehow reactivated part of Tony Woodward's brain, causing him to return to life in a zombie-like state. Tony broke out of S.T.A.R. Labs and began retracing his steps from his last attack. Once Team Flash finally determined what he wanted, Iris decided to act as a bait for him to get him to come back to S.T.A.R. labs. Cisco and Harry Wells tried to shut down his brain using a pair of powerful electromagnets, but to no avail. Once Barry came back from the Speed Force, he used his spin to create enough energy to supercharge the electromagnets, giving them enough power to finally put Tony to rest for good.[2]

Black Flash

Zoom before he is pulled into the Speed Force

Time Wraiths transform Hunter into a decayed zombie-like form known as Black Flash.

After losing a race to Barry and attempting to destroy the multiverse, Time Wraiths appeared and imprisoned Hunter Zolomon in the Speed Force, while reducing him to a decayed zombie-like form known as Black Flash.[3]

TX-90 virus zombies

Zombies overrun the Collins Plantation

Zombies overrun the Collins Plantation.

In 1863, at the height of the Civil War, a time pirate infected with the TX-90 virus crash-landed in Mississippi. The effects of the virus turned the pirate into a zombie-like creature as well as infecting a group of Confederate soldiers who had found the crashed vessel. When the Legends arrived to answer the pirate's distress beacon, they encountered Union army dispatch Henry Scott, who was being chased by a group zombies. Though the Legends easily defeat the zombies, Scott was mortally wounded in the process, and with his dying breath he tasked the team with his mission of stealing secret Confederate battle plans from the Collins Plantation. Mick Rory was also wounded in the battle, having been bitten by one of the infected soldiers, and he was taken aboard the Waverider for medical treatment. Ray and Martin managed to heal Mick and Sara and Nate defeated the zombies, fixing the timeline.[4]

Blood Brothers

A type of meta-human called the Blood Brothers, were zombie-like beings that were created by Dr. Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork. While some Blood Brothers are still alive and can be returned to their proper living state, others are properly reanimated from death.[5]

Supernatural zombies

In 2015, Papa Midnite created a zombie to kill Constantine, but failed. [6]

Zombies surround the bar

Zombies in London attacking the Legends.

Atropos being a Goddess of Death has the ability to revive the dead as zombies who carry out her will.[7]

In 2020, While filming an episode of season 15, the crew of Supernatural were massacred by Atropos and later turned into zombies to attack the Legends, but they were all defeated.[7]

Later, Atropos caused the England Zombie Apocalypse to kill the Legends. This lead to the destruction of London and the death of many citizens who were turned into zombies.[8]

Powers and abilities


  • Immortality: Being already dead, zombies are incapable of dying of natural causes. Though they are capable of being physically damaged to the point where they can no longer function.
  • Lack of pain: Unable to feel pain, zombies are unaffected by any damage or crippling injury that they sustain, which even includes surviving decapitation. The only way to permanently put them down is a head-shot or complete destruction of their body.[8]
  • Self-sustenance: Zombies are somehow able to keep moving for long periods of time without water or food.[4]
  • Stamina: The zombies are capable of exerting themselves for long periods of time; without getting tired.[4]


  • Teamwork: Fragile and deprived of intellect the zombies are capable of rudimentary forms of teamwork to bring down their prey. Using numbers they were able to systematically restrain and kill Sara Lance and several of the other Legends.[8]
  • Honed instincts: The zombies were instinctively able to figure out the Legends were immortal and waited until their immortality ran out before they attacked; meanwhile, they actively pursued Zari Tarazi because they could sense her mortality.[8]


  • Lack of intellect: Acting mostly instinctive and feral, zombies are unable to use equipment, plan ahead, or anticipate plans to counter them.[4]
  • Weakened body structure: As many bodies are in a decayed state, it is fairly easy to dismember them.[4]

Known zombies



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