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Zoom had a lair in an abandoned train station located in Ascension Cliffs on Earth-2.


When Zoom defeated The Flash" of Earth-3, Jay Garrick, he imprisoned Jay in the lair and outfitted him with a speed-dampening mask.[1]

Zoom interrogating Jesse at his lair

Zoom interrogating Jesse.

After Zoom abducted Harrison Wells' daughter, Jesse Wells, from her college, he imprisoned her in a cell in this station. In an encounter, he told her that he still hadn't decided her and her father's fate.[2] After Harry crossed over to Earth-1, Zoom interrogated Jessie for the reason why her father crossed over.[3]

Before making a deal with Zoom, Harry demanded to see his daughter as proof of life. Zoom obliged and jumped through a portal, grabbed her and appeared back on Earth-1 in seconds. Jesse and her father were granted a brief reunion before Zoom whisked her back to her cell.[4]

After Barry Allen/The Flash arrived on Earth-2 and was nearly killed by Deathstorm and Reverb, Zoom captured and imprisoned him alongside Jessie.[5] 

Zoom threatens to kill most of Team Flash

Zoom threatens to kill most of Team Flash and company, only sparing Barry and Harry.

Barry conversed with Jesse before the two of them tried to communicate with Zoom's masked prisoner, who became distressed after Barry stated "Jay Garrick" was on Earth-1. Before they could establish further communication, Zoom arrived, warning the prisoner not to talk. Zoom proceeded to vibrate into Barry's cell and violently thrash him before leaving. Upon seeing Zoom vibrate through the cell, Barry was inspired to do the same, but could not since he vibrated at a different frequency. Barry and Jesse were later rescued by Harry, Cisco Ramon, Earth-2 Barry Allen and Earth-2 Iris West, with help from Killer Frost. Zoom returned and attempted to kill all of them except for Barry and Harry, but Killer Frost held him down while everyone escaped.[6]

After killing his time remnant, Zoom brought his body to his lair and dumped it on the ground, much to his masked prisoner's horror. Zoom then unmasked himself, proclaiming the situation to be a complication.[7]

When Zoom kidnapped Wally West, he briefly took him to the lair.[8]

Later,when Zoom kidnapped Caitlin Snow , he imprisoned her in the lair. Caitlin met and freed Killer Frost, but the latter tried to kill her. However, Zoom killed Killer Frost and kept Caitlin in the lair until he took her back to Earth-1.[9]

Later, when Zoom took Joe West through a breach, he locked him up in the lair and explained to him who the man in the iron mask was. Later, the man was rescued by Team Flash and revealed himself as the real Jay Garrick.[1]

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