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"My brothers and sisters... my friends... I've brought us to this new world which lay before us, defenseless, ours for the taking. The humans think that this planet belongs to them. Whose world is this?"
"Our world! Our world! Our world! Our world!"
Zoom and his meta-human army[src]

When Zoom started to spread havoc around Central City, he gathered a large group of meta-humans from all that he could find. He let live those who swore him their allegiance, and killed those who didn't want to serve him. They watched over the city in his absence, dealing with vigilantes. However, he soon brought a large number, if not all of them, over to Earth-1 to wreak havoc during the Metapocalypse in its Central City. All of them were incarcerated by the CCPD and the Flash later on. Most of them were placed in the meta-human wing of Iron Heights Prison or The Pipeline.


The group was a powerful organization on Earth-2, acting as the criminal underground of Central City, instilling fear into the hearts of civilians and meta-humans alike. The group was "opposed" by the Flash, "Jay Garrick", who was, in truth, the very same person as the criminal mastermind "Zoom", entertaining himself with this charade to give people hope, so that he could take it away from them. Battling his own cronies as "the Flash", Hunter Zolomon was striving to develop new speedster abilities (such as throwing lightning bolts, or emitting sonic blasts with the use of his helmet) and increase his speed (with the use of Velocity serums). Only a few select members of the group, such as the Black Siren, knew of the man behind the mask.[1]

The group was represented by individual meta-humans, who acted in the name of Zoom's will, such as Killer Frost and Deathstorm. However, in truth they answered to the shadowy sub-boss Reverb and were part of his own plans, while Zoom was away on his own quests.[2]

Zoom tried to instill a sense of meta-human identity among the criminals under his command, antagonizing them against the generic "humans", and cheering them on to take the Multiverse as their own. His work proved fruitful, as Killer Frost, Black Siren, King Shark and Reverb were all shown preferring to refer to themselves with their meta-human "names", instead of their original ones. Interestingly, Hunter Zolomon himself preferred to be called by the name of the man whose identity he stole, Jay Garrick, rather than his meta-human nickname, or especially his real name, as shown when Caitlin Snow called him "Hunter", causing Zolomon to relieve a painful traumatic flashback.[3]

When Zoom brought his army to Earth-1 after taking control of CCPD headquarters in Central City, the Flash attempted to rally the police against these new foes, but found himself increasingly outmatched by the sheer weight of numbers. Eventually, however, the team were able to use the differing vibrational frequencies of the two Earths to create a field that would generate a subsonic pulse that would knock out all Earth-2 residents within the field radius; the Harrison Wells and his daughter from Earth-2 were given specialized earphones to protect them from the blast and Zoom escaped back to Earth-2 before he could be incapacitated. With the meta-humans defeated, most of them were incarcerated in Iron Heights, although Team Flash took custody of a few such as Black Siren to avoid awkward questions.[1]

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