"Zoom" is a man who promised to take "Atom-Smasher" home if the latter killed The Flash.


Atom-Smasher speaks to Zoom

Atom-Smasher speaks to Zoom.

Zoom allegedly told "Atom-Smasher" about The Flash, telling the former that the latter was a hero, though not worthy. He sent him to kill The Flash, promising that he would take him home if he did so.[1]

Zoom later had an encounter with Barry that caused him to miss the funeral of a person close to himself and Oliver Queen. [2]


The Flash

Season 2


Season 4


  • Zoom and Jay Garrick are currently the only confirmed Speedsters from Earth-2
  • Tony Todd who voices Zoom, is also the voice of the demon Astaroth in Batman, The Brave & The Bold animated series
  • Unlike in the comics where Professor Zoom and the Reverse Flash where identical yellow suits, Zoom is revealed to wear a blue suit in this series


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